A health worker examines girls under the age of 18. Gynecologist-surgeon. This doctor specializes in performing surgery.

Patient Focused

Physician Driven

If you need a gynecologist, a women's consultation is exactly the institution you need to contact. You must have your documents with you. You can also get an appointment with a private gynecologist. Such doctors practice their activities in many cities. However, you will have to pay for the examination and all additional tests. Be towe are ready for this.

Which gynecologist you need to contact depends on the complaints. Most often, women come to see their local gynecologist. After that, if necessary, the specialist sends them for additional consultations.

  • During the appointment, the doctor first interviews the patient. All existing complaints are recorded on the card. Be sure to remember the date of your last period. The doctor will probably ask you to name her. Also, after the survey, an inspection is carried out.
  • If there are complaints, the doctor probes the mammary glands. However, this manipulation is performed exclusively in the first half of the cycle. Next, the gynecologist will ask you to sit on the chair. If you are not yet sexually active, the uterus and ovaries are probed through the anus.
  • In other cases, the classic vaginal method is used.
  • At the end of the manipulation, the specialist takes a smear that can be examined for flora, the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, and so on.
  • The Medical Day is celebrated, and separately there are holidays of narrow specialists. The female doctor was no exception.

Gynecologist Day is celebrated on July 15th. If at this very moment you are going to see a specialist, then do not forget to congratulate him. Surely the doctor will be pleased to hear warm words from his patients.